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Let's Get Married


Your Wedding in France

Legally binding weddings celebrated in France and recognized in the United States

Let's Get Married Mariage à l'étranger
Mariage à l'étranger transcription en France certificat de capacité à mariage

What's a Let's Get Married Wedding in France ?


We are by your side the whole way

Organizing a wedding abroad is almost impossible to do from your home country. 

But no stress is needed when you can count on us to be your eyes and hands on the ground. 

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All French process taken care of

If you think the US administration is tough to navigate it's because you haven't yet encountered the French administration and the legendary headaches it creates. 

But here again, you do not need to worry, we will take care of every paperwork necessity for you. 

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Your wedding in South of France...

La tradition chez Let's Get Married, ce sont les mariages en petit comité. En effet, pourquoi inviter beaucoup d'humains quand vous avez déjà une famille d'éléphants qui se balade autour du lieu de cérémonie  ? 

À l'aube, en journée ou au coucher du soleil : nous créeront l'organisation à laquelle s'inviteront sûrement des invités pas tout à fait comme les autres !

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Or anywhere you want !

Nos mariages en Afrique du Sud sont célébrés en pleine savane. Ainsi zèbres, girafes et parfois même éléphants s'invitent à votre cérémonie pour la rendre encore plus magique qu'elle n'est déjà !

Rencontre avec les rhinocéros sous les étoiles, moments privilégiés avec les girafes... nous débordons d'idées et nos mariages sud-africains sont toujours un immense succès ! 

About Us

Wedding-planners and legal experts specialized in private international law, Let’s Get Married is a fusion of our arts. 

We started by organizing legal weddings all around the world for French people. South Africa, Japan, Finnish Lapland, Zanzibar, Costa Rica, Hawaï… We celebrated so many beautiful weddings in so many magnificent places. Word went around and around the world and soon enough we were not only marrying only French people but Americans too !


While marrying US citizens in the same countries we were marrying our French couples, we became very accustomed with the various American process and paperworks. 


Then one day a US couples asked if we could organize for them a wedding in France. 


As we initially started with French couples, it never occurred to us to organize weddings in France as they do not need us for that. But we can sur be super helpful for US couples !


We organize wedding all around the world for French people who dream of abroad but we are still madly in love with our own country. France is beautiful and can offer so much, and we take pride into marrying US couples here. 






Chef d'équipe

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South Africa









Costa Rica


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