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  • Will our marriage celebrated abroad be recognized by France?
    Yes. If you have selected our Civil Marriage Solution, Let's Get Married takes care of to complete all the steps necessary for the recognition of your civil marriage celebrated abroad by the French authorities. However, international law is not uniform and certain situations may prevent the solemnization and/or recognition of a marriage celebrated abroad. This is for example the case for same-sex marriages which are unfortunately not recognized/authorized in all countries. Some countries also refuse to marry non-resident foreigners. Let's Get Married proceeds on a case-by-case basis in order to accompany each situation to perfection.
  • Will we be assisted by one of your wedding planners on site?
    Of course! If you select the Excellence option, the person who planned your wedding in advance will make the trip to be present and ensure that everything goes perfectly. In addition, we often work with the same partners on site, so you will be well supported. If you do not wish to take the Excellence option, a WP Contact line will be set up so that you can reach your referring wedding-planner 7 days a week and 24 hours a day during your event. The Excellence option includes the services of our photographer/videographer. You thus benefit from unlimited photos and a film made with the camera and the drone, to immortalize these beautiful moments.
  • Can I benefit from administrative support without entrusting the organization of the wedding to one of your wedding-planners?
    Yes! Our lawyers can fully ensure the completion of the administrative procedures necessary for your marriage abroad, even if you organize this marriage yourself. Go to the page Civil Marriage Solution for more learn more about our administrative solution. Note, however, that the possibility of legally getting married abroad depends on the country chosen and your situation. Contact us, our teams will be able to answer your questions.
  • What is the Excellence option?
    The Excellence option allows you to have your personal wedding-planner by your side for your wedding. Indeed, via this option, the latter will travel from France to join you, manage last-minute details and coordinate your ceremony as well as the rest of the event. The Excellence option not only provides for the presence of your wedding planner but also the presence of one of the Let's Get Married photographers who will also make the trip to cover the entire D-Day. You will therefore receive hundreds of photos as well as a film retracing this fantastic day. And to go to the end of excellence: in addition to camera shots, your film will be composed of drone shots to showcase you in the midst of the magnificent landscapes in which we organize our weddings!
  • What is the Mini Secret option?
    Most countries require the presence of witnesses during the celebration of a civil marriage. The Mini Secret option aims to provide these witnesses to couples who wish to marry without a guest or with guests who cannot be witnesses to their union (minors, etc.). The Mini Secret option is included in the Excellence option.
  • We are already legally married but would like a symbolic ceremony / renew our vows abroad, is this possible?
    Absolutely! You can absolutely take advantage of the talents of our wedding-planners to organize the event that makes you dream even if you are already married.
  • What is the WP Contact Line 24h/24?
    The WP Contact line is the Whatsapp line open and available to you during the highlights of your event. It allows you to reach your personal wedding-planner directly at any time, 24 hours a day. The line is activated at 9am the day before your D-Day and is not deactivated until 5 hours after your ceremony. Particularly useful when you don't take the Excellence option, the WP Contact line allows you to contact your wedding-planner even when the Let's Get Married offices are closed.
  • We are an LGBT+ couple, can you organize our civil wedding abroad?
    Of course! The majority of the countries in which we hold our weddings legalized same-sex marriage several years ago. Some even did it before France. To find out more, contact us describing your wishes or go to our dedicated page:
  • We do not wish to have a guest, do we still need witnesses?
    In most countries, civil marriages require the presence of witnesses. But don't worry. If you want a civil wedding without a guest, you can select our Mini Secret option through which we will take care of finding the witnesses you need. P.S. : The Mini Secret option is included in the Excellence option.
  • Should I worry about the legal and administrative formalities for my wedding abroad?
    If you have selected our Civil Marriage Solution, we take care of the procedures with the French and foreign authorities and we take care of all the steps and formalities to ensure you a wedding without stress or administrative panic.
  • I have French nationality but my spouse is a citizen of a foreign country, can we benefit from your benefits?
    Of course! Our Wedding-Planner service is available to everyone, regardless of French nationality. Our Civil Marriage solutions, on the other hand, are only available to French citizens since our services aim to guarantee the recognition of your civil marriage by the French authorities. However, we can take care of the French procedures concerning you while your foreign spouse takes care of the procedures inherent to his nationality with the authorities of the country of which he is a citizen.
  • Is it possible to defer payment?
    Although a deposit is requested upon acceptance of the quote, the rest of the amount can be paid in installments. We offer payment terms up to 3 times without fees. This schedule will be detailed in your registration form.
  • Is Let's Get Married a French company?
    Yes and proud of it! We are a simplified joint stock company under French law. Our head office is in Paris. Here is the exact address of our head office: 229 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris. SIRET: 90200162700014
  • I want to get married in a country that you do not offer, can I still benefit from your services?
    Yes, our Civil Marriage Solution can be requested for a country that we do not display on our commercial media, requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, do not hesitate to ask us the question. Our Wedding-Planner service is also available outside our usual regions. Remember to visit our page about symbolic weddings!
  • Are you organizing the trip around the wedding?
    We are lawyers and wedding-planners and, as such, take care of the administrative procedures and the event aspect of our weddings. We do not sell the travel part.
  • What about insurance?
    Let's Get Married has taken out professional liability insurance with Axa as a company. We recommend that you supplement your personal classic civil liability insurance with insurance of your choice adapted to the event envisaged. For this, we invite you to contact your usual insurer.
  • We want a civil marriage but have no witnesses, what to do?
    Thanks to our Mini Secret option, we provide you with witnesses during the civil ceremony. So you can get married without a guest! P.S. : The Mini Secret option is included in the Excellence option.
  • Is it possible to have a quote?
    Of course. Our quotes are personalized on request, contact us to receive yours.
  • Do you organize religious weddings?
    Yes we can organize Protestant weddings in South Africa and Hawaii as well as Catholic weddings in Cyprus. We can also organize symbolic religious ceremonies celebrated by a French Catholic deacon in Italy, Cyprus and Finnish Lapland.
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